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Hey I'm Anna and I'm a ceramicist from Germany.

I started my ceramic journey back in 2014 when I moved to Bristol, UK and worked in a pottery. It was one of the best times in my life and I knew, that i want to create my own ceramics one day. I totally fell in love with the process of working with soil and knowing that creating a piece of ceramics is a combination of all 4 elements.

You need the clay (earth/soil), the water for making a shape and also activating the soil, the air to dry it and fire to fire it. I think it's so fascinating but so simple.

In 2016 i moved back to Germany and went to university to study natural science. During my uni time I was thinking about ceramics everyday! So in 2019 it was time to take action and i ordered a cheap wheel and just started to throw some shapes to see if I still like it.

 Finally i found something in my life i'm super passionate about. Over the last years I felt really bored in life and didn't know what to do. Also felt like anyone else had a hobby or a thing where they're working at.

When I used to live in Berlin I tried to find something that I enjoy but nothing really worked. So creating ceramics is a lifestyle that I really enjoy and cherish.

So Welcome to my Page and feel free to ask me any questions. 

Chiamikeramik is based in Brandenburg and I'm designing and creating functional, handmade tableware for everday use with unique glazes.

Love Anna 

Everything you’ll find in my shop is made by hand & with love.



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